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Sentiment Analysis on Social MediaSynthema
International Symposium on Foundation of Open Source Intelligence and Security InformaticsThis paper describes a Sentiment Analysis study performed on over than 1000 Facebook posts about newscasts, comparing the sentiment for Rai - the Italian public broadcasting service - towards the emerging and more dynamic Italian private competitor La7. This study maps study results with observations made by the Osservatorio di Pavia, which is an Italian institute of research specialized in media analysis at theoretical and empirical level, engaged in the analysis of political communication in the mass media. This study takes also in account the data provided by Auditel regarding newscast audience, correlating the analysis of Social Media, of Facebook in particular, with measurable data, available to public domain.
The Semantic Web Linker: A Multilingual and Multisource IITSpringer Berlin HeidelbergIn this paper IIT presents the Semantic Web Linker (SWL), a framework for helping Name Entity Recognition (NER) procedures. The strength of the SWL is the integration of data coming from different Web sources, such as Wikipedia and DBpedia. The SWL also provides a multilingual repository, in the sense that every entity is associated to its synonyms and translations in many languages. Furthermore, the SWL manages a classification of entities through their hierarchical categorization. The SWL can be browsed through a Web interface.