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23 January 2013

List of events

Date Participants Nature Theme Place Brief Description
17 March 2011S21sec
Workshop on information management in law enforcementInformation management in law enforcementEuropol Headquarter,
The Hague
(the Netherlands)
The workshop allowed practitioners of information management in law Enforcement Agencies to meet together and to confront and share their view. This workshop intended to inform them about the state of play on research activities already started in this area. It will also help to define their current and future needs.
As part of the programme, CAPER has been presented as one of the examples of cooperative EU projects, providing participants with information on the common collaborative and information sharing platform object of CAPER.
May 2011All partnersSignature of the Grant Agreement and of the Consortium AgreementN/AN/AIn May 2011 the partners signed the Grant Agreement no. 261712 under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union for the Collaborative Project named CAPER. In the same period the partners have entered into the relevant Consortium Agreement.
22 June 2011Guardia CivilPresentation to German public institutions (SFZ, TK and BKA)Introduction to the CAPER ProjectGuardia Civil  Intelligence Headquarter,
Madrid (Spain)
Presentation of the CAPER project to the Intelligence Headquarter´s Units. Outcomes expected and operational uses
18-19-20 July 2011All partners, with the participation of LEAs and representatives from Gobierno Vasco, Ertzaintza, Interior, Mossos d'Esquadra, Policia, UK Police and members from the FP7 project VirtuosoKick-off MeetingN/ASan Sebastian
The partners laid down the grounds of CAPER. Namely, the partners dealt with organizational issues and they set the path leading to the project's final goal indicating the necessary efforts to be put in place to complete every task the project requires.
5 September 2011Guardia CivilPresentation at the IBEROSINT Forum Introduction to the CAPER ProjectN/A Presentation of CAPER to several Public Organizations within the Spanish Intelligence Community.
5 October 2011All WP leaders and LEAs Workshop with CAPER's LEAsN/A Pisa
During the Workshop LEAs presented their needs and expectations in relation with CAPER. Each LEA also presented a list of requirements used to define the activities to be included in the Description of Work. They also identified and defined, in agreement with the other partners, a set of use cases and a user requirements roadmap was defined and agreed by all the partners.
9-10 February 2012All partners, with the participation of LEAs representatives from Mossos d'Esquadra and Israel National Police M6 Meeting N/ALyon
The partners compared the results obtained in the first 6 months of the project life. At the same time, they fine tuned their  activities and goals according to the LEAs expectations, also following the previous meeting with the Europol.
6-7-8-9-10 March 2012IGD Presentation to representative of
different industries, policy makers, scientific community, civil society, medias
Introduction to the CAPER Project CeBIT 2012
At CeBIT 2012 Fraunhofer IGD presented various Visual Analytics projects for security applications, including CAPER. Government agencies, private companies as well as the general public took the opportunity to gain insight into current Visual Analytics research. The presentation at the stand of the Fraunhofer Society included live demonstrations of previously developed Visual Analytics solutions, as well as flyers describing current research activities.
27 May 2012Synthema
Presentation to representative of the scientific communityTheme: Language Processing and Linguistic Data in the Caper projectIstanbul
During a poster session CAPER was presented to an audience of representatives from similar projects funded by the EC in the field of public security.
20 June 2012IGD Presentation to Forschungssymposium der Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei (Germany Police University)Introduction to the CAPER ProjectMünste

Fraunhofer IGD presented CAPER at the 2012 Research Symposium of the German Police University at Münster. The talk presented the whole CAPER pipeline from automatic data acquisition to the Visual Analytics component at the front end.

25-26-27 June 2012All partners, with the participation of LEAs representatives from Mossos d'Esquadra, Israel National Police, UK Police and German Federal Criminal Police OfficeM12 MeetingN/ADarmstadt
During the meeting the partners discussed the progresses achieved so far. Also, many issues was spotted and analyzed in depth. Certain work packages proved to be regularly progressing, such as the development of the data acquisition tools and the creation of a central data management application. Many others received an significant boost thanks to the pro-active participation of the LEAs' representative taking part to the meeting.
21 June 2012S21sec
Presentation of CAPER in VIRTUOSO workshop Introduction to the CAPER ProjectMadrid
With the aim of sharing information between projects, S21sec presented CAPER to representatives of the similar project VIRTUOSO, explaining main decisions taken regarding scope and system architecture.
22 June 2012S21sec
Presentation to the German Police Force Bundeskriminalamt Introduction to the CAPER ProjectGuardia Civil  Intelligence Headquarter,

S21sec and Vicomtech made a presentation of CAPER to Bundeskriminalamt - Federal Criminal Police Office. They agreed to be included in the project as observers and participate actively in our workshops and meetings.